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Feeling sluggish, unhealthy, toxic? Chances are you probably are!

In today’s world, we live in a very toxic environment. In fact, we eat, breathe, drink and absorb through our skin, approximately 82,000 toxins. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and cosmetics and skin care products are filled with man-made chemicals and pesticides that overload the liver and the entire immune system.


The liver is the body’s primary organ of detoxification, and more than ever, your liver needs all the help it can get. You may not be able see, taste or smell toxic chemicals; but they’re in every cell and organ in your body. Studies show that these toxins have been associated with hormone disruption, immune system suppression, reproductive disorders, several types of cancer, chronic inflammation and contain harmful effects of altering our body’s DNA and the internal environment in which our cells live and multiply. 

Modern science now believes that the cause of degeneration, decay and premature aging lies in free radicals in the body. According to this theory, accumulation of toxins in our bodies creates free radicals. Free radicals are dysfunctional molecules (they  have a missing electron). These are highly unstable molecules. In an attempt to regain stability they devour electrons from surrounding molecules. This creates more damaged molecules which lead to damaged cells and this causes degeneration.In short, a toxic body will create an environment for people to suffer from early effects of aging and cell death resulting in chronic health conditions.


Having a healthy immune system will allow your body to heal and thrive at a much faster pace, keep you healthy and feeling energetic and give you a healthy glow. Therefore, clean diet and a detox protocol is an excellent starting point to better health.

This consult will explore your toxic burden through bio-energetic screenings and determine the best protocols for your body and condition. We will explore the diet and make tweaks as necessary and discuss the proper diet plan to remove toxins and keep the body thriving.



Detoxification | Cleanse

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