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Mind Fit | Brain-Based Wellness

Fortunately it has never been easier to change your mind patterns to overcome anything that is holding you back. At Back 2 Balance, our primary focus is on stress reduction as it relates to insomnea so that your body can begin to repair itself naturally.


Your brain is your control center. It controls every aspect of your life.

Are STRESS & INSOMNIA standing in

the way of your health goals?


According to the National Institutes of Health,

90% of disease is caused by stress!


INTRODUCING the PorterVision MindFit


By implementing brainwave entrainment through Self-Mastery Technology (SMT), we enable our clients to experience twenty minutes of pure relaxation through harmonizing tones synchronized with gentle light pulses that travel through the ear meridians and the retina, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you into deep relaxation. This innovative form of brainwave training is called frequency following response, and it provides maximum results in the least amount of time. Upon completing a session, you will leave refreshed and revived as if waking up from a power nap.


You simply slip on the Mindfit headset, start the audio and lower the visor, close your eyes, relax and let the magic begin. You'll enjoy an empowering  SMT audio session that is strategically encoded to deliver the most productive results imaginable.



Worry, fear, deadlines, family obligations, finances, thoughts, anxiety, relationships, bills, poor health, work, etc., all lead to stress and endless nights of tossing and turning. In today's world, stress has become commonplace and the importance of sleep has been ignored. This leads to a number of unhealthy habits that spiral down to serious illnesses, unhealthy aging and weight gain.


Research shows excessive stress can suppress the immune system. Therefore, it’s vital to incorporate a program of stress reduction and relaxation into your everyday routine. By reducing anxiety and stress, and increasing relaxation, you can boost your immune system and use your own unlimited resources to improve your life. Although there is no replacement for quiet time, meditation and exercise, many simply cannot find or make the time due to their busy schedules. This is where MindFit by PorterVision is an invaluable tool. You can accomplish this important goal in just 20 relaxing minutes daily. You will be amazed at the difference you will feel in your health and wellbeing even after one session.




Lack of sleep cannot be taken lightly or ignored. It is the most important subject in the healing process. Did you know the only time your body heals and detoxifies is while you sleep?  The deep phases of sleep allow your body to repair, heal, detoxify, learn, memorize,  regenerate and consolidate your thoughts and emotions (how the phrase sleep on it  came to be). The MindFit was encoaded to put your brain into a theta rhythm, which brings a natural sleep. If you don't sleep well, your body gets stuck in all it's phases of body, mind and spirt and begins to break down.




The five powerful mind technologies come together to create a blending of light, sound and spoken word that takes you to an oasis in your mind.


      1. Light frequencies: Light pulses train the brain to produce a healthy balance of brain wave activity, transforming the listener into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset to accomplish just about any goal.


      2. Auriculotherapy: Trigger points in the ears, called meridians, are known to directly affect the body's organs and systems. these are typically activated using acupuncture needles, but light frequencies are known to have the same effect. The MindFit earphones are uniquely equipped with 9 LED lights set at the optimum frequency for providing a sublime feeling of serenity and balance.


     3. Beats and tones: Imbedded tones emulate relaxed brain waves, guiding the brain to an extraordinary level of focus and performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.


     4. Self-mastery technology: Guided visualization audio sessions help you become the designer of your own life.


     5. 10-cycle holographic music: The music on the audio recordings is designed to create a full 360-degree experience that delights the mind with calming thoughts and images.







Self Mastery and stimulation of brainwave activity are among the most studied areas of psychiatry and psychology. The following results have been demonstrated through numerous documented studies and in Dr. Porter's experience with hundreds of thousands of clients:


  • The right and left hemispheres of the brain become more balanced.

  • Deepen meditative states

  • Reduce mind-chatter

  • Gain inner calm and balance

  • Blood flow to the brain increases, resulting in clearer thinking, better concentration, improved memory, and enhanced creativity.

  • Serotonin levels increase by up to twenty-one percent, which calms the mind and body and creates an overall sense of wellbeing.

  • Endorphin levels increase by up to twenty-five percent. These are the hormones that flow through the body when we feel happy. Endorphins provide the brain with alertness, are a natural anti-depressant, provide relief from pain, and create pleasurable and loving feelings.

Change your mind

and everything changes...

The MindFit personnal trainer system may also be purchased online at the PorterVision website for residents outside of the Southern California region by clicking the button below.



Back 2 Balance Health & Wellness is a licensed reseller of PorterVision MindFit. If you are interested in purchasing this system for use in your home, it  may be demo'ed and purchased in our office in Encinitas, California. Contact us today for an appointment.


Only $20.00 for 20 minutes!


Schedule your session today. 

(800) 586-0322


Use it to accomplish:


  • Greater health

  • Less stress

  • Inner calmness

  • More confidence

  • Weight loss

  • Improve sleep

  • Phobia relief

  • Release addictions

  • Better learning

  • Better concentration

  • and so much more...

Warnings/Contraindications: Persons suffering from any serious medical condition, including epilepsy, brain injury, mental impairments, visual photosensitivity or those with serious physical conditions including those using a pacemaker or suffering cardiac arrythmias or other heart disorders must consult with a medical professional before beginning use.

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