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Uploading your photo to our system is as easy as 1-2-3

Uploading your photo will only need to be done once! Once we have you in our system, future orders for scans will be a piece of cake!

The easiest way is to take a selfie using your smart phone's camera. Please make sure the image is clear and the eyes are open.



 Choose the photo you would like us to use.  Hit the upload button on your phone.


Snap a picture of your face (as shown) from the neck up.


    Click the Mail tab on your phone.

    In the To: line, type in:

    In the subject line, put in your name (or the name of the person or pet being

    tested) and hit send. We will respond that it was received. That's it! We will

    take it from here.


    If this method is not possible, please contact us and we will figure out another way. 

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