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Sweat Your Way to Health & Beauty

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy 

Enter your own private paradise with our Himalayan infrared salt floor with ultra low EMFs! Not only are you getting the tremendous benefits of Himalayan salt, you are also gaining the indisputable relaxation and detoxification benefits of Infrared heat. Himalayan salt allows for easier breathing, and it dispels positive ions encountered every day due to pollution, EMFs, and allergens.


Sauna therapy is a wonderful way to reduce anxiety and stress, while promoting relaxation, contentment and peace of mind as well as the many benefits it has on the overall health of the body. Putting your body in a state of hyperthermia (fever) allows the body to flush out toxins, relax muscles, fight disease, provide better circulation, burn calories and reduce the appearance of cellulite, boost the immune system and create healthy, glowing skin.


The tradition of sauna stems from the centuries old ritual of cleansing the body and the soul. All saunas which induce sweating will detoxify. However, infrared saunas penetrate deeper into the skin than other saunas; allowing 20% of the toxins to be released as compared to regular saunas which provide a release of about 4%. 

Sauna and its many health benefits

Saunas work on the principle of generating abundant sweat to detoxify the body and relax the mind. Regular sauna use can bring a number of health advantages. Some of them are listed below:


  • Speeds up metabolic processes of vital organs and glands, including the endocrine glands.

  • Places demand on the heart to work harder, thus exercising it and producing a drop in diastolic blood pressure;

  • Stimulates dilation of peripheral blood vessels, thus relieving pain (including muscle pain) and speeding the healing of sprains, arthritis and peripheral vascular disease symptoms;

  • Promotes glowing healthy skin by providing blood flow to the skin. With more essential nutrients being available to subcutaneous and surface tissue, the quality of the skin gradually improves.

  • Promotes Detoxification - the heat releases poisons and heavy metals beneath the skin so that they can be purged through respiration. In this day and age most people are exposed to numerous toxins every day. Toxic chemicals are abundantly present in our food and environment, so it important to aid the detoxification process with the regular use of sauna therapy.

  • Stimulates the immune system by creating an artificial fever state. Fever stimulates the body's natural healing process. As a result, your immune system will produce greater numbers of disease fighting white blood cells and antibodies to neutralize and eliminate viruses, fungi, yeasts, bacteria and molds; and 

  • Promotes relaxation thereby creating a feeling of well-being and inhibits sympathetic nervous activity. Regular sauna users say that a "good sweat" provides an opportunity to indulge in positive thoughts and escape from everyday troubles.



Your sauna session will be private and tranquil as our single room sauna accommodates one person at a time. It is important to dress comfortably so you can be calm and relaxed. You may wear street clothes, a cover up or swimwear. No nudity is permitted. You will sweat so be sure to bring a change of clothing in the event you will be returning to work.


A towel and water will be provided.                                                                        



Warnings and contraindications

Always check with your physician or pharmacist for possible interactions with drugs due the use of an infrared sauna. Raising the core temperature may be contraindicated for individuals with adrenal suppression, multiple sclerosis, or systemic lupus erythematosus. An acute joint injury should not be heated within the first 48 hours or until the joint erythema and swelling subsides. Should not be used by pregnant women.


Single session: $35.00

3 for $ 90.00 ($30.00 ea.)

6 for $150.00 ($25.00 ea.)


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