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Informational Weight Loss Scans
and Nutrition Consultation

Did you know your body can actually tell you why it’s holding on to extra weight and take the guesswork out of effective dieting? Now you can easily free yourself from dieting pitfalls!


The key to losing weight (and keeping it off) is much more than a “eat fewer calories than you burn” proposition. This comprehensive weight management consultation is designed for people who are looking to effortlessly lose 10, 20 or 30+ pounds of weight and body fat. The consultation is especially designed for people that may be struggling with losing weight even though they may be currently on a diet and exercise routine.

By utilizing a computerized meridian stress assessment scanning device (through bio-energetic testing), a comprehensive body scan is conducted to first determine if there are any imbalances causing issues within the body. This includes the body's systems, glands and organs. Following, a weight loss scan is performed. This will include the reasons why an individual can’t or isn’t losing weight. The causes can include toxins, hormones, endocrine imbalances, liver and gallbladder issues, blood sugar issues, stress and emotional issues.

We will discuss and identifiy which foods need to be avoided. Surprisingly, this varies with each individual.


Lastly, we will discuss and develop a customized exercise regimin to include the type, amount and length of exercise that is the most beneficial to achieve your current weight loss goals.


The scans are simply the body’s way of communicating what it wants and needs. The system is a true godsend for health practitioners as they can customize an effective treatment for each client. The Back 2 Balance weight loss protocol is designed for accelerated progress and life-long results. It is an ideal place to start before beginning a diet and can be implemented either as a solo weight loss plan or as the perfect complement to doctor-supervised weight loss plans and the popular weight-loss centers (such as Medifast and Weight Watchers) to make sure you are covering all your bases.


Dieting is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. By pin-pointing the issues, the client can focus on healing the root cause of their imbalances so they can begin on the path towards true rejuvenation. Expect to walk away from the consultation with all the information needed to begin a life of optimal health and desired weight. Suggestions on how to eat and choose the foods with the highest nutrient density for superior nutrition will be discussed. A customized exercise regimen that is right for your  body and health will be implemented; all without calorie counting and deprivation. Best of all, the information and diet plans are sustainable for life.

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