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Whole Body Balancing

with Biofeedback

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The Future of Smart Medicine is Here . . .

What does your body want you to know?

By tapping into the inner workings of every cell in your body, you can discover the root cause of nearly every symptom and ailment to learn exactly what the body needs to heal.  

What is Biofeedback?


Biofeedback screening with the Qest4 testing system (also known as bio-resonance testing) is an FDA approved, non-invasive computerized system used for learning the root cause of any imbalance within the body that are causing disturbing symptoms or dis-ease. 

While holding electrodes, a microamp current is sent through the body's meridian pathways and captured through data access points on the hands. The amount of current that passes through the cellular structure of the organs, glands, and systems reveal the functional status of the tissues. This allows us to receive an accurate assessment of how the body is functioning on an energetic and cellular level. 

Once the system has identified the imbalanced areas in the body, it will prescreen potential therapeutic options, allowing us to monitor how the body will respond to a remedy prior to administration. 

The results are instant. No waiting for lab results!

Our customized screening sessions are tailored to your specific needs

to provide you with everything you need to know to improve your health.

Some of the Many Things We Test...


Including a database of 45,000 potential
healing options for your body to choose from.

For the entire family including pets and infants


Take control of your health today. If you have been struggling with mystery illnesses or symptoms that are not being identified through regular blood and lab testing, give us a call.

Book Your Appointment Today!

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