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What People are Saying . . .

"Five years ago a good friend recommended Denise to me. She raved about how kind and friendly she was and how her work had helped her to zero in on her what her body needed to heal. I had experienced several other types of energetic scans with different practitioners and my experience with Denise exceeded my expectations. The results were incredibly specific. No other scan or practitioner had ever articulated my physical, mental, and emotional issues to that degree. I highly recommend Denise as a skilled practitioner and a caring, compassionate human being."

Cindy A., Oceanside, CA


"Finding Denise was a Godsend for me and my family. She has helped us get to the bottom of many issues/allergies for particularly my two young children, that even our Integrative doctor didn't fully understand. The specific work she does is quite rare and hard to come by, so when we moved, I continued to consult her for distance scans and they were just as powerful and accurate. Also, not having to lug two children to in-person appointments is extremely convenient! I am always amazed by how spot-on the results of the scans are, and how fuss-free and rapid the whole process is. So much of my children's amazing health and overall immunity today is due to the help and insights that bioenergetic screenings have provided us with over the last few years."


Kaliah S., Los Angeles, CA

Designer & Founder of

Seven Saints Spiritual Jewelry


"I have been working with Denise for over five years both in person and at a distance.  The bioenergetic screening is a tool for me.  It tells me what my body needs to regain balance. (from A-Z be it a supplement, different food, a type of inflammation whatever.) The best part is it offers solutions. The scans tell me what is needed, allows me to deal with whatever it is and go on with life. It is fast, accurate and informative."

Charlene Fontaine, San Diego, CA


"Denise Cahill is an amazing natural health practitioner and she is also an amazing human being in all aspects. Each time I consulted with her, she helped in discovering the root causes of my health issues through the bio energetic screenings. These assessments were always done in a very compassionate way. I discovered and uncovered different aspects of myself that helped me greatly to navigate through remedies for my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Denise, I can’t thank you enough for your services, help and kindness."

France Barringer, Scottsdale, AZ

Reiki healer, mentor, coach, author



"The Qest scan has been an incredible asset to me when it comes to managing my physical and mental health. I know that so much of what goes on in my body physically has an emotional cause or is a nutritional deficiency that isn't necessarily detectable. This has helped me get to the bottom of mystery issues and know what needs to change in order to heal. It also works amazing for pets. I have a cat who wasn't feeling well. The scan showed that he is allergic to chicken and that was what I was feeding him. I never would have known that! I switched his food to fish and he has been healthy ever since. I highly recommend the scan to anyone, human or animal, looking to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing." 

Lara B., Newport Beach, CA


“I really loved the health scans as it gives you targeted information that you incorporate into your life in the moment and can build upon as you integrate the information with your being.  With all the costs associated with, vitamins, supplements, etc., bio-energetic screenings give you a comprehensive overview and places to start supporting in your immune system back to balance.  After working with Denise, I felt I had reached a new level of energy flow. Thank you so much!”

Debbie B., San Clemente, CA


"I have been battling with adult acne for some time and have done different remedies with no improvement. After meeting with Denise and running my scans, it was suggested I purchase a natural supplement that I never heard of before. Within two weeks, I had significant improvement. It also covered certain hormonal imbalances as well as some nutritional deficiencies that I also implemented into my diet. Highly recommend this service as it is so insightful."

Andrea C., Phoenix, AZ


After suffering for a year with eczema on various areas on my body, I learned that I had an allergy to corn and peanuts. After eliminating peanut butter and popcorn from my diet, it completely disappeared!


Sherry B., Scottsdale, AZ


"Truly Amazing on how much these scans accurately reveled my emotions, my needs, and what it was in making me tick! It was empowering to know that I could have control over my emotions brought to life on paper through this scan. I was feeling restless as I retired, keeping busy but needing to focus on why I was restless. I needed motivation to start healing myself and my purpose. At first, I was not sure about how this could really help me, but I'm a true believer in what this scan pointed out. It was accurate in reveling emotional, spiritual and physical items that I needed to work on and to be aware of. Since my scans were brought to life, I have lost weight, truly love myself again and now embracing this new journey of my life. If you are unsure if this really is the real deal, let me assure you that it is. If you are searching for your inner wellness, this is the help you need."

Laura E., Juneau, Alaska


"After changing my diet and learning what to eliminate, my health issues have started to improve."

John Thompson, Temecula, CA


If you have had an experience that you would like to share with perspective clients, please email us your testimonial. 

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