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We first run a Comprehensive Scan: This test is always mandatory as it will target causal issues (the root cause of any issues currently causing issues within the body), by first screening the body's systems, glands, and organs for imbalances. It will then check all filters within the test to look for nutritional deficiencies, dental disturbances, toxic burden, hormonal imbalances, neurological imbalances, emotional issues, etc. This test is the first layer to healing.


Then we run the Weight Loss Scan:  This test will identify the reasons why an individual can’t or isn’t losing weight in spite of diet and exercise. The causes can include toxins, hormones, endocrine imbalances, liver and gallbladder issues, blood sugar issues, stress and emotional issues. The scans are simply the body’s way of communicating what it wants and needs. It is an ideal place to start before beginning a diet and can be implemented either as a solo weight loss plan or as the perfect complement to doctor-supervised weight loss plans and the popular weight-loss centers (such as Medifast and Weight Watchers) to make sure you are covering all your bases.

Weight Loss Profile Bioenergetic Testing

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  • Tap into your body’s energy field to tell you why it is holding on to extra weight and take the guesswork out of effective dieting. Now you can easily free yourself from dieting pitfalls!

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